Thursday, 10 March 2011

A Prayer To My Muslim Friends

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Like a Muezzin calling for salat, I speak to you
As honestly as a prayer could be, as real as a minaret could be
I pray for you:
May peace be upon you
May Mikaayl, the Archangel of Mercy, reward you
May Kiraman Katibin, the Honourable Recorders, record your good deeds
May Mu'aqqibat, the Protectors, keep you away from death
May Ridwan, the Angel of Paradise, lead you to Jannah when Allah calls you

May Allah (S.W.T) grant you Sabr, the virtue of patience
May you be kept away from Hasad, the vice of jealousy
May you find righteousness
May you be good to fellow men
May you be in perfect harmony.

Mola Rahimu akuneemeshe
Akutangulie kabla hujaanza safari
Usihangaike rafiki, ukitafuta upate
Akuepushie majanga, lililo najis likukome

Dua hili litakabaliwe na Allah (S.W.T)
Nakuombea uyakinifu, kinywa chako kisitoke laana
Masikio yako yajae himizo, kifuata maadili ya Korani
Uishi sawa na Mtume (S.A.W), kifuata maadili yake
Misahafu kizisoma, na vitabu za dini kuhimiza

May the Almighty God give you grace
May He lead you before you start a journey
May you never struggle, if you search let it be found
May He keep you from ill, let what is a vice never find you

May Allah (S.W.T) receive this petition
I pray for your propriety, let your tongue never speak curses
May your ears be filled with encouragement, to follow what Qur'an says
May the teachings of Prophet Muhamad ( Peace be upon him) exalt you
To read the religious books

C) Lorot Salem 2011


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Lorot, This is INCREDIBLY beautiful! A wonder to read. May your prayers waft peace "as honestly as a prayer could be." Absolutely wonderful!

Salem Lorot said...

I really appreciate your positive comments. I have a circle of muslim friends who inspired me to write this poem. It is a tribute to them.

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