Wednesday, 18 November 2015

the dog with the languid eyes (sestina)

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the languid eyes of the pet dog tell a story
he has been here before, and the day before
of times he would wag his tail and run around
the sight of his man-friend a moment of pure joy
like a bone he crushes letting the bone-barrow escape in bliss
but these eyes are eyes of resignation and quiet aloofness

he was once the darling, hardly morose in this aloofness
his heart once an open book to be read a love story
believing always that pain wouldn’t outlive bliss
but can pain reincarnate into a pain felt before?
Or is it that into the vacuum of pain is filled joy?
Or is it that love, like an eagle, circles around?

the pet dog sits by idly, immobilized by nonchalance around
this neighbourhood harbours eyes sunken in aloofness
their footsteps calculated with the staccato of pretentious joy
their breasts unmoved by a story detached by their own story
this dog once knew love and trusted  before
this dog once felt the rhythmic throb of a heart in bliss

the pet dog’s friend moves about in feigned bliss
he remembers vaguely of the love they shared around
by God, he also remembers how fulfilled he felt before
and now, like a ship with broken sail he rides in aloofness
isn’t his story entwined in his dog’s story?
Or is it possible to feel happy without the dog’s joy?

but the light footsteps of the dog’s friend lacks joy
and his smile through his teeth is anything but bliss
for during the day, he slugs along life as a painful story
amid the concrete walls, the barricaded gates around
the tangible evidence of a world unashamedly parading aloofness
he knows this too well, for he knows the race of his heart before

the dog keeps on lying on his paws like never before
waiting and waiting for his friend’s Joy
uncertain about the time inclusiveness will replace aloofness
hoping and hoping in a dog’s world for the past bliss
nibbling at the morsel of love scattered in the crevices around
reliving past joys, rehashing what once was a glorious story

after what appeared to be a long philosophical rumination on bliss
the dog skirted the idea and flipped it around
he thought, “ah, my wag will better illustrate this story”.

c) Lorot Salem/ echoes of the hills 2015

Prompt: Poets United Midweek Motif: Mercy

Poet's Notes:

The prompt has invited poets to write a poem on the subject of Mercy. I decided to try a sestina. 


Susan said...

I LOVE sestina, and yours is no exception. I enjoyed being in the thoughts of the dog--until the lighter toned ending that is. But maybe I don't know enough about dogs and how easily they can change their moods. Looking for the theme of mercy here--is it in the dog's wish for renewed bliss?

Leslie Moon said...

How well the dog echos the heart of his friend. Man may not lay on the ground in a lifeless heap but his spirit does. This was a fantastic portrayal of man's empty state. I hope the dog has better days.

Carol Campbell said...

They are often like mirrors of our feelings. They also heal us, huh? Lovely; so lovely!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the ending. My heart was hurting for the dog, lying in wait for some affection and recognition, aloof and waiting for his distracted master to remember he is a living being whose heart longs for love. The love a dog so effortlessly gives, as in his decision to wag his tail to "better illustrate this story". It is SUCH a joy to see you writing again, Grandson.

Jae Rose said...

Such a lovely last line - animals often 'know' without all the grey areas of language...and excuses..

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