Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

On behalf of the Kenyan child, I am deeply disturbed by the ongoing teachers’ strike. It is three weeks now yet schools have not resumed. Meanwhile, as teachers keep off from class and time is wasted, I feel that you alone can end the strike. Remember Sir that you are the one who promised Free Primary Education and save for some glitches here and there, it has been a success.

So, Mr. President, why should this success be tainted with the ongoing teacher strike? Why should the Kenyan child suffer? Is it worth it, Sir, that the children in public schools should bear the brunt of some collective agreements signed sometimes back or the aloofness that your Ministers and KNUT officials have lately taken?

Mr. President, I appeal to you to provide a solution to this unfortunate turn of events. Please do something. The ping-pong between the Finance Minister, Hon. Njeru Githae, and the KNUT officials is not helping matters. Certainly, Mr. President, you are an old, wise man, even a proverb could do at least we would know that you are considering the problem.

If this escalates to next week, Mr. President, the effect on the Kenyan child would be a disaster. The exams are one week away, we are fast becoming a “striking nation” and most certainly you would have dimmed the futures of so many children and stunted the growth of education in Kenya forever.

Yesterday, Mr. President, I talked to a 12-year old child. I asked him what he wanted to become when he grows up. Without batting his eyelid, he blurted out: a doctor. And I felt very sad in my heart. His eyes burnt with passion and certainty. But in my heart, I muttered, “Mr. President should have heard this”. But again, Mr. President, if our doctors strike and our teachers have deserted classrooms, what hope do we give to this 12-year old? Should he be doomed to a penury he did not help create?

Over to you, Mr. President. Think about that 12-year old.

Your dutiful citizen,


Claire Alipei said...

Good work Salem.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Awesomely stated, Salem. I hope he takes it to heart. I can see the face of that young boy, feel his dreams.

echoesofthehills said...

Claire, thanks a lot. And you are welcome again here.

Koko, thanks. Good news is that the strike was called off over the weekend and now children can go back to school. YIPPEE.

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