Thursday, 31 May 2012

Through the Camera Lens, Somewhere in Nairobi

"The Madaraka Skies"

"The Nairobi Sunrise"

Nairobi skies:

1st Photo: Taken at 6.44 a.m. on 1st June 2012.

2nd Photo: Taken at 7.06 a.m on 1st June 2012.

C) Lorot Salem


The Unknowngnome said...

Both nice shots but that second one is almost blinding. The silhouette effect is awesome.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh yay! Photos of your surroundings!!!!! I love the second one especially, too.

echoesofthehills said...

Thanks, TUG. It was great experimenting and hopefully I will have better shots next time.

echoesofthehills said...

Yes Koko. I will have more photos of it.

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