Thursday, 3 May 2012


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If I have to stand here and peer into the future
I can see next week resplendent in BIO-LUMINESCENCE
(Oh, Koko, that word, I love it)
I can see the ray that I clasped in my palm
Course through again in my being

For a good cause, fellow pilgrims
For after a long wait looking into the East
The warm beam has settled on me
So much has the skies given
So much has Tororot been favourable!

Here I am, sitting pretty
And now, like never before,
I will consult my Muse—
After all, the echoes only reverberate—
And across the hills and caves again
You will hear the pilgrimage songs
The voice remains distinct, the message is still clear
What will change is the intensity, pilgrim

Yes, that’s right, BIO-LUMI(Rumi?)-ESSENCE.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Sigh. SUCH a beautiful poem. "What will change is the intensity, pilgrim." I LOVE the last line. Anything with Rumi and Essence in it has GOT to be great!!!! Shine on, fellow pilgrim. Your writing shines as brightly as the bioluminescence I saw that night in Tofino.

echoesofthehills said...

Yes, Koko, Tofino!

I still remember how you painted that night in one of your blog posts. It is as if I had been there. I admire Rumi. I read some of his works and I was enthralled.

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