Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Love Letter of Noise to Silence

"I would write a love letter to silence, to praise adore her of her virtues. I will mix my poetry and charm to woo her. She is the most noble woman I know of. Where all else is caught up in the confusing tidbits, she still remains. If only she knew how much I love her and care."

                                 -Lorot Son of the HillsTM (Eon to eon)

"There is so much noise in this world. The greatest challenge is not to add to it but on how much we are able to reduce it. You can switch off the radio. This is not a heroic act. The most heroic act worth a little praise is to find silence within you, to hear your heart beat, to hear your ideas vibrate in your mind, to watch a thought and never lose it."

                                -Lorot Son of the HillsTM (Eon to eon)




They said that the loud din that is my trademark
Booming from loud speakers
Of burst voice boxes of street hecklers
Raging in the clanging market wares
Of hawkers shouting “ua mende ua panya
This they said was noise
So they cupped their ears to let me pass
But the headphones of a youth
Sang to him, yet they called this noise

In the prayer hall
With priests and brothers and sisters
Clutching at the rosary
They recite Hail Mary
A metre away is a soft piano sound
Floating across the room
And settling on opened hymnal books and misale

Inside the mosque
The iman of the muslims
Resides in their lips
As they bow to Allah
Long after the muezzin
Has called them to prayer

So, silence, calling to mind
All my boisterous ways
The many times I have been unnecessarily loud
Caught up in empty prattles
Escaped in a furious decibel of expletives
Or banged tables without a cause
These are the times I needed you most

For, you, you silence, scare me most
In your cold aura of tranquillity you
Remain the most powerful
Forget the brawls and the hard-talk
I once ranted to a monk for one hour
All that time he looked at me
Never said a word, never lifted a finger
I froze one hour later and made as if to go
Upon which the monk told me:
“My son, some times you can speak
Other times you can keep silent
It is wisdom to know when to
Speak and to keep silent”

Silence, I am tired of my loudness
Sweep my soul with your virtues
Even if I have to kneel before you in the streets
Trust me, silence, I could do this
I am ready to make peace with my past
When I have been wrong yet talked most
When I shouted in the forest and sanctuaries
When I engaged in Latinisms and legal talks
As if by being plain I would have been any lesser
All these I will find within myself to forget

So, I implore you, my queen silence
To accept me as I am
I am a changed man
Look, I now wear a flowing rob
I don’t carry those small ringing gadgets that stir the soul
I want to learn your ways
To see a thought, sit it, watch it carefully
And never let another thought overbear on another
I want you, silence, to come into my life
I am a changed man, silence, teach me your wisdom
Perhaps this world needs you more than me
Perhaps you have right all this time.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

How did you grow so wise so young? Silence, inner stillness, holds the key to it all and already you know this. Wow!

the unknowngnome said...


echoesofthehills said...

By listening to you and others who came earlier than me. I try to learn these things as I grow. It is a journey, Koko. Thanks a lot.

echoesofthehills said...

@theunknowngnome, :) :) a smiley face for you. But you are the sagacious "Glaucidium gnoma".

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