Friday, 24 June 2011

Ten Minutes in Nine

As the panel sits, eyes burning on me,
Mounting pressure on me,
Demanding intelligence from me,
I stand there
Their marking parameters defined
Seven marks for content, seven marks for presentation
Two marks for etiquette, two marks for audibility, two other marks
For I don’t-know –what
I stand there wondering how I should stand
Like that reasonable ideal student
If my hands be at the back, I am hiding something
If my hands be folded on my waist, I am tense
If I let my shoulders broaden, I am being brazen
If I fold them across my chest, that is rude and not in keeping
I feel like to pocket but I let my arms rest by my sides
In short ten minutes, they uncover me
Throw questions to gauge me
One minute flash of my mind
Law of Contract, Torts, Criminal Law, Conveyancing
Succession, Commercial Transactions
Wait a minute…Giella Versus Cassman Brown
I think I heard this somewhere
They ask me for the principle it holds
The panelists aren’t serious, are they?
I am thrown off-balance, I am at a loss
I venture: Giella case is a landmark case in law
On Conveyancing, the case concerned a land transaction
Under the RLA…Now, Cassman Brown was the Owner
Let me use ‘Vendor’….Now, the principle, err, is on sanctity of title
As you are aware under section 143 of the RLA…
And as I mention section 143, I let it roll to exude my intelligence
And grounding on law
They are impressed’, I think to myself
Then my bubble is burst
‘Heard of restraint of trade?’ They ask
‘Yeah…err, yes dear panelists’
‘What are the three principles to be followed before granting injunctions?’
‘One, err, it depends on the time…if the court has time to grant it…
Two, if it has time, for how long will the injunction run and…and, three,
…whether it could as well grant mandamus, certiorari…but this depends on
Time mostly…you know there are backlog of cases’
They asked for it, I gave it to them’, I celebrate
‘Excuse me, student number 202809876, no hard feelings
But if you don’t know of the principles of injunctions
You could as well set off to Narok and be a herdsman
…I mean, you don’t know prima facie case?
Not even irreparable injury?
Not even balance of convenience?’
‘I know them, dear panelists’
‘Tell us, then, what a prima facie case is’
‘Well, a prima facie case is one which is on the face of the court
Let me explain, if that case, I mean the records, the files have been brought to
Court, then that is a prima facie case…if it is still in the registry, it is not a prima facie case’
‘Your time is up, student number 202809876,
We have serious doubts on how you qualified to be here…
You don’t belong here!”
I walk out, I see no one on the corridors
I hear distant voices asking, ‘what were the questions’
I am in no mood, I collect my books and head to
I don’t-know-where, it makes no difference
That a holiday awaits me


C) Lorot Salem 2011


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh yikes, it sounds brutal. But I am betting you did better than you think you did. They sound very full of themselves. But you do have the knowledge. Let's hope for a good result! Keep us posted! Enjoy your holiday and dont think about it. All will be well, no matter what!

Salem Lorot said...

@ Sherry Blue Sky, I want to put this straight: This poem was purely for fun and with some wicked sense of humour of what might happen in the oral exams. That said, I have up so many hours, wit and patience to my reading of the law that I am confident of proving my worth to the panelists. I would be before the panel on 13th of July and I am ready for that day. Thank you Koko. I am still at school, Holiday hasn't started yet.

madhumakhi said...

The interview sounds like a nightmare. You describe the nervousness and self doubt very well. The dejection after a bad interview is also beautifully described. We all feel the worst in our lives after a bad test/ exam. I hope 13 of July would be a lucky day for you. Go and bowl over the panelists with your knowledge!

Salem Lorot said...

@ Madhumakhi, thanks a lot. 13th of July will be a day I will either be true or false. I will confirm my mettle.

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