Friday, 24 June 2011

Float Like a Butterfly….

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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
So Muhammad Ali, the great boxer, once said
In my mind I can see the butterfly
All merry, the wings, the colour
It is there in the boxing ring
The crowd is roaring, urging on
Some covering their faces, the pressure is mounting
The bell is rang, the stage is set
Inside the suffocating ring, the butterfly fights for air
But no one cares if the wings might drop
But float it must—
You see, that choreographed anger
Comes with a price tag
Those simulated invectives
Are a part of the scheme
A cover-up
Either way, beneath that anger
Lies much anger against the ‘arrangement’
Where the organizers of the bouts smile
All the way to the bank
So, float he will,
And he must,
Inside the ring, so many things could go wrong
Knocked-off canines, bloody noses, fractured cheekbones,
Bleeding ears, lacerated foreheads, raptured brain cells
But the crowd will cheer on
“Go on, Muhammad, go on, finish him off!”
Never aware of the pressure on the mind to concentrate
One micro-second of lapse to earn a blinding blow
One miscalculated killer punch to send one off-balance
One mishearing to earn a disqualification
They call this a livelihood, puts food on somebody’s table
I don’t understand it, I mean I empathize
Then after floating like a butterfly
It is the sting, it is that jab, it is that punch
Anger levels rise within permitted levels
“Go on, Muhammad, go on, finish him off!”
Assume, just assume for one moment
When I have rained blows on my opponent
I remove my gloves, look upon the crowd
And walk away, away from that assured glory
Press will write, “Mad Muhammad Muddles”
With that my boxing career is given a knock-out
With that headline, I am cast in bad light
Not even the hours upon hours of lifting weights count
Not even the morning run count
Not even the more than 15 years matter
My titles, my championship wins, my awards
Lose meaning
When I win, everybody else wins
When I lose, only I and I alone loses
But still I have to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee

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C) Lorot Salem 2011


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