Sunday, 5 June 2011

Legal Mind

Packed Lecture Hall. Legal maxims
Short, fast-paced questions, equally
Thoughtful answers and more questions
Hypotheticals, scenarios, what-ifs
Delved into with precision
Simulations. Moots. Role plays.
Person X, Client Y, Advice them
What will you tell your client?

Legal theories aside, cast into the
Shallow ponds of the Undergraduate
No postulations:
We are here to be entrusted
With life, property and liberty
Have them in contemplation
They are your neighbor, we are told
We draw instruments
As if they will be attested to
Like in the real world

This, they call legal mind
For it captures a thousand possibilities
It can notice the awkward comma in a provision
It questions, it casts doubts, it shakes credibility
It is guided by whys and wherefores
It doesn’t rest for it goes berserk
Exhuming buried intentions and careful device
Uprooting well laid secrets and guilt
Weaving a story from evidence and witnesses

Inside the packed lecture hall, minds are stropped
Brains meet brains, wits meet wits
The difference is that they are not wigged!

C) Lorot Salem 2011


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow, you captured the scene perfectly. I feel like a law student! Attention to detail! I love the last line! I have so often thought the best solution for my hair is a wig, hee hee.

Salem Lorot said...

Asante sana, Koko. Mmmmh, about the wig twil not be a bad idea...which reminds me: If you feel like to scratch your forehead or some other part in the head, you will just tap it gently. That way you don't scratch that part and risk ruining the wig. Some grandson ruminations for you. :) :)

Andy said...

Smiling...I always wonder what the significance is of those "legal" wigs. If you sneeze, they'll probably fall off!

Well done!

Salem Lorot said...

@ Andy, ha ha ha. It even gets worse when you have to put it during a day of searing heat. Some of these things need to be reconsidered.

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