Monday, 30 May 2016

a strange thing happened to me today

a strange thing happened to me today.
a crowd of words ran towards me—
a rare thing to occur
and unsure, i ran away from them
yet they chased me down the alley
down the treacherous road of forsaken ideas
past the rocks, hands poised in the sky,
perhaps expressing resignation of a reluctant pen
and in the debris of the confusion
prose beckoned me, a decibel lower than
the shrill of raucous, forced words
with a thin veneer of superficiality.

a  strange thing happened to me today.

torrents of elegant words rounded me up
it was at 3 a.m., a strange hour
when  brave dawn cold gained entry through the louvres
elbowing a reluctant thought and sat it
right in the middle of my page.

a strange thing happened to me today.

words conspiratorially whispered to me:
clear, crisp thoughts that could sparkle if ruffled;
words dancing, gyrating to the beat of my imagination;
words dressed with hyphenated asides, yet brief as a major-general's command;
unrestricted, unrestrained outstretched arms of words;
unafraid of the editor’s noose
words shouting—
“Go tell madam Few-Words-Matter that
the Norman Mailer Pressure Group resents her high-handedness;
we have a right to associate in any way we please
& picket across thousands of pages if we want!”

a  strange thing happened to me today.

my Muse came and said,
"Boy, grab your pen. 
we got some work to do!" 

c) Lorot Salem/ echoes of the hills 2016


Sherry Blue Sky said...

How I LOVE this poem, love the humour and the fact that the words ambushed you and you wrote them down. You have a gift, Grandson. Wonderful writing!

Salem Lorot said...

Thank you so much Koko. As always, I appreciate.

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