Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Meditations of a Father

 Son, when I admonished you to curve a path for yourself
To create wonderful vistas of a world unexplored—
Beautiful, magnificent—
Was my voice harsh?

When I urged you to grow up to be a man of great learning
Learned in poetry, science, law, theology, philosophy, geology
Did I intimidate you, son?
Did you not grab the earnestness of my plea?

Son,  when I walk around and see you dull
Caged by the stifling thoughts of here and now
Do you think me happy
When I know that your mind can soar the skies
Wrestling with the ideas of man and the earth?

Am I too harsh to you, Son,
When in my unguarded moments of anger
I tell you that your dreams are too great
To be traded with the present sorrows and want?

When I lead you into the night
And point to you the majesty of the skies
Do you mistake me for a senile old man?
When I show you which stars shine brightest
Prodding you to take those stars to your sleep
Do I test your patience, son?

When I wake you up at dawn
So that we can watch the sunrise
Do you see me as a mean father?
Do you doubt  my sanity when I weep
Just by witnessing the birth of a new day?

Son, when I speak a lot about the flowers,
The stars, the moon, the oceans, the butterflies,
The rocky mountains, the sand dunes
Do you sometimes secretly wish
I would just stop and talk ‘normally’?

Son, am I harsh, when I let you in into the greatest secrets of the universe?
Do I bore you, Son?


Sherry Blue Sky said...

SO wonderful to see a poem by you! A parent dreams so much for their child. I just watched Girl Rising, a documentary about the importance of education for girls in developing countries - you and Lizzy MUST watch this movie - it has a wonderful message about how girls rise, when they are given a chance........and, sadly, how many girls still do not get that chance.

Salem Lorot said...

Thank you so much, Koko. That must be a worthy documentary. Yes, that will be possible now. Can the documentary be downloaded, perhaps?


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I think so. My daughter says there is a connecting wire that lets her download stuff.....

Walala Susan said...

Wow Salem

Walala Susan said...

Wow Salem

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wonderful to read this again, Grandson. I remember meeting you through Poets United in 2010, when I first began blogging........such a journey we have made, since then, you leaping like a gazelle, me hobbling like an old woman. LOL.

Salem Lorot said...

Thank you Walala Susan.

Thank you Koko. Yes, it has been a journey.

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