Monday, 10 February 2014

Of Love

Tell me, O Plato, what I should conceive of this,
Bidden as I was to a fluttering feeling ( flattering, perhaps?) that I once felt
Which enslaved, rather than ennobled,
How would I have been lost in the beauty of love
( In the same way as you, while with Aristodemus)?

How, in this encomium of love,
Unlike Orpheus ( bidden to cross Hades alive),
Will I be ready to die for love?
Or like virtuous Alcestis, die at the behest of love?
Wouldn't I, like Achilles who avenged for Patroclus,
in my small turf of love, be the flute-player,
Of love redefined, honourable and virtuous?

Teach me, then, O Plato,
to live the truth that love is the love of the
everlasting possession of the good.
Wouldn't I want to seek immortality
To leave behind glorious tales
Of love, pure and true,
in the breasts of men,
Least to the awe of nature?

C) Salem Lorot /echoes of the hills 2014


This poem has been influenced by Plato's 'Symposium'. 

I found a very nice quote on love:

"Love is said to be the god who
Gives peace on earth and calms the stormy deep,
Who stills the winds and bids  the sufferer sleep"


Sherry Blue Sky said...

"Teach me, then, O Plato,
to live the truth that love is the love of the
everlasting possession of the good."

Such wisdom in those lines - viewing love as a higher calling, rather than something craved for self, that enslaves rather than ennobles. Wow, kiddo. Wonderful writing!

The Unknowngnome said...

Yes, stuck between a rock and a hard place, between body and soul, mental and physical, oh we lovers of wisdom, we children of resource and poverty. It is a riddle is it not?

And my encomium to you is; Great piece Salem. You've encapsulated the Symposium quite well.

Susan said...

Very wonderful poem. I am surprised by the Plato quote about love! Certainly with the Gods' example love was anything but peaceful. That is why I love your questions and pleas in this encomium. Those heroes who sought immortality claiming equality with Gods built great tragedies (later Opera). And yet, and yet, I tried. Now I write about the possibility and prefer to live in domestic comedy. Grin)
Thank you for posting this marvelous poem.

Salem Lorot said...

Thank you so much Koko, TUG and Susan.

Your comments mean so much to me.

Vandana Sharma said...

If we live a life filled with love and respect for everyone including nature , then world will be heaven!

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