Tuesday, 12 November 2013

My Memory Palace

I will build myself my memory palace
Where, in their loci, I will store all I want to remember.

I would want to store facts, like the savants,
Churn out facts, gobble every other factoids there is.

I would know my memory palace well,
Have an image of where I placed my wristband
On a sloppy Saturday midnight.

And I will not write anything.
I will not keep any notebook or diary.

If you were to ask me, perchance,
The fourth line of Shakespeare's Macbeth,
I will never falter
And if you were to ask me to memorise 100,000 digits back and forth
I will.

I am tired of my forgetfulness
( I forget whether tomorrow is going to be your birthday)
And it hurts, and it costs me

All that I want to build for myself, right now
is a memory palace.
To memorize the Black's Law Dictionary ( just for the heck of it)
And see my mental gymnastics do the trick

I want to claim back my memory
And throw away these extensions to my memory
Like the Greek Orators, I want to speak from within me
To retain in as much as I read

C) Salem Lorot 2013/ echoesofthehills

I am reading a book titled 'Moonwalking with Einstein', a book on the art of remembering by Joshua Foer. It is an exciting book that I bought off the streets on one lazy Saturday afternoon. Quite some read.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Nice to see you posting, kiddo........that book sounds amazing. Wait till you're my age and see how much one forgets.........hee hee.

madhumakhi said...

I wish the same too Ndugu. Being a student i can empathize. There are so many little little things to remember and in remembering them we tend to lose track of what's really important.

Maalaimalar said...

Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on Local Tamil News

echoesofthehill said...

@Sherry Blue Sky, Thank you Koko. Yeah, finally. True, you need to tell me more about age and forgetfulness, hehe.

@Madhumakhi, Behen!!! It has been forever. How have you been? I agree. So much to remember, so many failings of the mind.

@Maalaimalar, thank you for visiting and for dropping your comments. You are most welcome.

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