Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Council of Sages

When I have soaked the endless conversations
Just about any blabber adults will churn out
Accusations and counter-accusations,
Truths, half-truths and outright lies
Words which heal not
Words, like javelin thrown,
Aimed to create heroes and zeroes

When I am drenched in the ramblings
The whys and wherefores
The thou-art-the-problem and thou-art-the-devil

When I have immersed myself in all this
I retreat to my safe haven, a quiet corner,
Get myself a nice book and read
And soon, I am thrust into a different world
The sorrow that sunk me a moment earlier
Is all but a distant, tiny wisp
Around me now, is my “Council of Sages”

With them, I am holding a serious conversation.


madhumakhi said...

Books are sages, no doubt about it. They have the power to transform our lives by taking us to where our bodies can't. We get so many interesting insights from so many worlds that were seemingly out of our reach till we picked the book,

Sherry Blue Sky said...

My heart always leaps when I see you have written a poem, as I miss them - though I know you are so busy. I can hear the frustration of spending your days where people without hearts as kind as yours are on the attack, SO unproductive. Take heart - the mere fact of your presence, your compassionate input, shows them Another Way To Be. You ARE making a difference. For the rest, I thank God you find in books the more considered philosophies that feed your soul. Keep writing poems, kiddo. THAT is where your soul will also be fed.

echoesofthehill said...

@Madhumakhi, I agree with you Behen. The love I have for books is immeasurable. They are my guides. They are my story-tellers. And yes, they transform us immensely.

@Sherry Blue Sky, Thank you Koko. I am happy to hear that. You are my biggest fan, Koko. Yes, books are my escape in these situations.

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