Wednesday, 18 July 2012

#Wamathaijuly: Kenya's Poetry, Songs and Photography

On Saturday, the 14th of July 2012, I had the privilege of attending #Wamathaijuly at the Michael Joseph (MJ) Centre, Nairobi, Kenya. Well, you guessed it. It was an evening of poetry, song and photography. I enjoyed myself.

The emcees for the event were Sam Buggz and Stella Nasambu. In the photo is Stella Nasambu doing her stuff.

Elpoet performing and below with Samo & The Almighty, doing their favourite, "The School Bell Rings"

Jemedari performing his piece "Letter to the President" 

I was impressed by her. Didn't quite get her name but her Kiswahili poem was brilliant.

The drummer for DempseynTheBoys, the trio self-described as " A kenyan trio of ordinary guys performing extra-ordinary music". You have to check out DempseynTheBoys at twitter.

Below, Julie Wang'ombe perfoming her piece, "Genocide"

Wangari performing her piece "The Revolution will be Televised"

Njeri Wangari, favouritely known as Kenyanpoet on twitter, the author of the poetry book "Minds and Minefields" reading her poem and below, performing a moving piece lamenting the digital age.

Mwende Ngao (MwendeSusu, on twitter) performing her two pieces, 'Ground' and 'The Dream Valley'

Kavosa, performing her piece.

Wamathai, the host, the brainchild of #Wamathaijuly and wamathai performing two pieces.

Moraa Onsando, strumming the guitar, Kenya's diva to watch. Follow her music at www.soundcloud/moraa-onsando

KOA Photography. Check out what they have been up to here.

Bobby Muirugi, performing.

Ngartia, doing a vernacular piece. Great talent!

Si ni Sisi stole the show. Their costumes, their stage presence, the lead, the drummers, the dancers, everything about them was well choreographed and executed. Echoes of the Hills wishes you well.

"This was the life of the warriors!"

Adelle, performing her piece. Don't be sad, be happy, is all that we can say.

Ndila, performing "Mr. Jailer". Wonderful rendition!

Now looking forward to #WamathaiSeptember. 


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