Monday, 30 July 2012

Sacking the City of God? Really?

I had been talking a lot and writing a lot,
But a few weeks ago,
I wanted to read more and listen more,
So I delved into what Paulo Coelho writes
Dug into Ngugi Thiong’o’s ‘Grain of Wheat’ and
‘I Will Marry When I Want’
Read some more of Stephen Covey and Holy Texts
The Bhagavadgitas and the Quran and the Dhammapada

Then having circled around these
Skirting along these great mysteries
I listened, with amusement, the great
‘Hitchens v Hitchens’ debate
Two brothers tousling up on whether God is there or not
And for good effect, I watched PZ Myers’ ‘Sacking the City of God’
I watched and listened and pondered

I watched Richard Dawkins’ lectures
‘Now Praise Intelligent Design’ and ‘the Poetry of Science’
And ‘the Purpose of Purpose’
And ‘Why evolution is True’ by Jerry Coyne
And Richard Feynman on ‘the Character of Physical Law’

Brilliant minds, these,
But as for me, I believe in the great God,
Tororot, the God of the Rising Sun,
I don’t have a brilliant mind to understand these great mysteries
But at least I have faith God is there
They call Him ‘proximate cause’,
I call Him ‘Tororot, the God the Rising Sun’
He created Kacheliba Hill with its magnificent cap
He created me and has seen me grow
He is the author of my poetry
Unlike Hitchen’s ‘God is Not Great’
My Tororot is GREAT,
Yes, like Hitchens, I might not understand the mysteries
But that DOESN’T REMOVE THE FACT that Tororot is there
The order in the creation of this world sings of the glory of HIM
The kitmikai, the rock-upon-rock in Kisumu, my Tororot created it
Everything, almost, about the majesty of nature
Is in line with Truth, the Truth that Tororot is there
That is my belief and with what has happened in my life,
My Tororot is a living testimony
That might sound unscientific or plausible
But I am willing to be stupid on behalf of Tororot.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

You have done some very deep reading, kiddo. I admire how strong and unwavering is your faith, amidst all the decrying.........yes, your Tororot is great, and your poem is also a living testimony.

The Unknowngnome said...

Life affirming - "But I am willing to be stupid on behalf of Tororot"

echoesofthehills said...

@ Sherry Blue Sky, Thank you Koko. There are some fundamental questions one must answer about life...about who is supreme, about why we are here, about Science and religion and whether "God" is really there. I am happy to confront it in a new way and in so doing I strengthen my faith in Tororot.

@ TUG, yes, I affirm Tororot's existence. Thanks for the encouragement,always.

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