Tuesday, 26 June 2012

the stars shine down upon you

we have come a long way
of that we are sure of;
a long, arduous journey
in search of life’s meaning
other’s found it in the faces of people;
others, as painters, expressed it
on canvas

but you, you Ziza,
found it in statutes
within these you labored
to understand justice and
rule of law and
court process

we celebrate you today
look, the stars shine down upon you
to speak of your will
unrelenting, indefatigable

so, Ziza,
march on, forge on
like the cyclops, the titans
arm yourself with virtues,
be unique like you are
the journey has started
the world is smiling back,

Yours truly, at the event


Dedicated to a friend, Aziza Rajab, as a gift on her admission to the Bar. I felt like to edit it and embellish it a bit but I finally chose to reproduce it the same way I hurriedly wrote it beside the road. This poem was recited during the celebration on 23rd June 2012. I wish you well in your career. May it bring you fulfillment, calling upon you to serve humankind.


Fobian Masheti said...

I can now c the real Salem...nothing so precious like taking your poetry to another level...the inspiration we get,the magical of your words..your observation about life and nature is really amazing..halla son of the hills

echoesofthehills said...

Thank you so much my loving brother. You give me so much strength and thank you for dropping a comment here. I don't know if I should take a picture of the comment and hang it on the wall, he he.

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