Saturday, 2 July 2011

Moon versus Sun (Championship Title)

Like a true poet, I am no slave to shackled thoughts
My mind imagines things, it is all over
You think about ordinary issues
Very predictable:
It is sunny today—not that I disagree
But I would love to see the sun breathe its rays
On your bald pate and see you arguing with it
Along these lines, “Sun, cool off your tempers
How about saving your energy for the night
Moon came over to my neighbourhood
Boasting of his might”
Sun would reply:
“Really? I am king, ain’t I?”
“Yes you are, you rule the Milky Way,” he would say,
“But my problem with you is that you rule during the day”
“What kind of talk is that?”
“I am just saying”
Moon would be strolling by, thoroughly amused
Sun would gleam at him and say,
“Moon, looks like we haven’t had a fight for quite a while now”
“Yep. I am spoiling for a fight. Let the fight begin”
Moon would let out a war cry, chest-thump
And say something like, “Not my fault I have to kill”
Sun would equally say, “Let the galaxy witness this,
Moon has asked for it”
The argument would go on for a while
The observer would let say Africa be the boxing ring
And kick everyone from the ring and blow the whistle
Moon would do some push-ups and somersault
Sun would be cool, calculating
They would size each other up
Besides the ring would be a gigantic fire extinguisher
The size of Antarctica
A brush of punches lets a spark
Now, the ring is smoke-filled,
Moon is retreating….Sun is advancing
Blows are raining on somebody….a grunt is heard
More smoke now…fire…fire…Moon dashes out of the ring
And jumps into the Atlantic Ocean…Sun follows him up…
The ref restrains him…Sun says, “Gotta teach him a lesson,
I am sun. I am the King. How dare he!”
Now Moon is holding up a white flag and coming up
Plucks an olive branch…waves it…
The galaxy’s breath lets out…that was very, very close
Africa would have burnt out!

C) Lorot Salem 2011


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I so enjoyed this. I especially loved Moon jumping into the ocean. Very clever!

Salem Lorot said...

Thank you Koko. I am also surprised. Why did the moon have to jump into the ocean. I think the credit of cleverness is due to him, not me ( he he)

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