Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Fools' Declaration

Let it be known to all men,
This 6th day of July 2011,
The year of our Lord
That we the fools
Of the world
ASHAMED by the knowing lot
EMBARRASSED by their posturing of intelligence
DISCOMFITED by the rat-tat-tat of their speeches
CHAGRINED by meaningless science and arts
DISTURBED by the widening gap of us and the “wise”
DISMAYED by the open disregard to our low intellects

Pass this instrument

We have suffered at the hands of the quick-witted
Throughout ages to this present moment
And now, through this instrument,
We exercise our right to self-determination
And to chart our destiny through our foolish means
We exercise our right to be fools
Of course without injury to the “wise”
This right we want to exercise
Without being mocked, ridiculed, exposed to contempt
By the “wise” at all times

To our children, present and yet to be born,
Let this instrument be our bequest to them
Not to fear to exercise their stupidity
To add figures using their toes,
To translate English to their local language,
To never again live in fear of being wrong

To our folks in the art of politics
Let this instrument protect you
From the quick tongue of the rat-a-tats
Who speak 300 words per minute
Let this instrument put away your shame
Of not being of their march

We, the fools of the world,
Show our commitment to shun anything of knowledge
The books, the volumes of frightening information,
The documentaries, the periodicals, the internet
We demonstrate our resolve to retain our identity
Even with the threats of globalization,
book-nization, internet-nization
We promise not to be moved
And to stand firm by what we resolve

Let this declaration be our text
To be followed into posterity
Let it enshrine our rights and duties
Our privileges and limitations
Let us be kept simple
Amidst the floods raging in the planet
Of men drowning in knowledge
Blown by the wind of information gibberish
Devastated by the earthquake of too much facts
Let us be kept safe from the madness of the wise

All the fools of the world.

C) Lorot Salem 2011


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wowzers, you knocked this one out of the park (as we say over here which means "home run" in baseball language:))Yes, may we all be saved from the madness of the wise.

Salem Lorot said...

Appreciative, Koko. This was a wild shot.

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