Tuesday, 2 July 2013

All the Children of the World, You are Powerful!

“Look at children. Of course they may quarrel, but generally speaking they do not harbor ill feelings as much or as long as adults do. Most adults have the advantage of education over children, but what is the use of an education if they show a big smile while hiding negative feelings deep inside? Children don’t usually act in such a manner. If they feel angry with someone, they express it, and then it is finished. They can still play with that person the following day.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

All the Children of the World,
You are Powerful!
You are Powerful and Beautiful!

You truly know how to live
Not in the past, not into the future
But savouring the present moment
Living now

Look how great your smiles are!
I swear you are truly rich
Even that kind of smile has eluded kings
Children, teach me how you do it

You are amazing little beings,
You Children!
You have energy, your eyes burn with life
You don’t keep sorrow in your hearts
That is why you can smile through tears

Your questions always make me happy
You ask, you want to know
Never ashamed even for a moment
Now, there! Those are great minds
Minds which ask, unafraid
You teach me each day
To be a better person
So, shine all little children
Play, be children

You all are amazing! 


Sherry Blue Sky said...

They are lucky yo have you for their champion, Salem!!!! You have that same radiant spirit within that they do.

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