Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Tale of the Lost Goat

When she has prepared me millet porridge
And added a few pinches of dried termites
She brings it in my favourite calabash
Her eyes, as shiny as oiled arrows,
Her gait, as enchanting as sugarcanes on a windy field.

Her lorwaa dress will flutter in the morning wind
Her bracelets and necklaces will jingle
This ordered noise will float in our homestead
Till her loud giggle will drown it
When I see the woman of my heart
Sunlight enters my being
I feel like to jump up and praise my bull

In the darkness of the night
I whisper to her that she is the sour milk
Taken during drought
She will giggle and remind me
Of times when I wooed her
Of how often I came to their homestead
“To look for a lost goat”
While in reality
I wanted to catch a glimpse of her

The woman of my heart
Is the reason I walk with a spring in my feet
The reason why I am always happy
Is because of the mother of my children
Her warmth is the ember burning on a rainy night

When I am in the woods
I whistle love songs to the woman of my heart
Trapped inside my ears is the voice of my queen
I see me and my best friend chuckling in the hut
Our seven children inching closer to hearth
Tonight, I will remind my woman to remind me
To buy her a posho mill
So that she can grind all maize in the village
And put herself ahead of the pack of all the women here
I know what she will say—again— (while giggling, thanks for guessing)
That I am still looking for a lost goat.

 C) Lorot Salem 2013

For Poets United's Verse First- Wake Up and Love!

Kim Nelson's prompts are always such a creative stimulant. Hit up the link and read other poems posted by my Clansmen and Women at Poets United.


Robyn Greenhouse said...

A sweet tale of a lost goat- giggles!

Stormcat Poetry said...

Your words, so foreignly phrased to me here in my small world, are nonetheless most beautiful and the story told so excellently crafted. I guess true love defies any and all cultural barriers.

himani rawat nayal said...

What an exquisite tale of love and how to be in love. Beautiful indeed.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is such a beautiful song of love - and the woman you choose to give your heart to will be a very lucky woman indeed, kiddo. This is one of my favorites of your poems. Koko

Margaret said...

Of how often I came to their homestead
“To look for a lost goat”

Love this glimpse into a young man in love...

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