Thursday, 20 December 2012

Thank YOU for being there for ME this year

This year has been a great one for me.
Here is a list of my blessings for this year:
1.      I was lucky to serve my pupilage at the Legal Department of Kenya’s National Assembly for six months from February to August this year;
2.      I was able to successfully finish my Post-graduate diploma in law in August;
3.      I was able to serve internship at the Law Society of Kenya from September to December this year;
4.      I got admitted to the Bar on 10th December this year, a dream which took me 6 years of study;
5.      My brother graduated at the Kenyatta University with magna cum laude in Economics and Statistics;
6.      I was able to board a plane for the first time in my life on March this year;
7.      I stayed in a five-star hotel—Serena Beach Hotel—for one week in the month of March as part of the team that was working on the Standing Orders of the Senate and the National Assembly;
8.      I have been lucky to be to Sarova Stanley Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Crowne Plaza, Sarova Panafric Hotel, UN Gigiri and Intercontinental Hotel;
9.      My mum stayed in Nairobi for a week, the longest time she has stayed which was very fulfilling to me;
10.  My Sister Lizzy had the opportunity to stay in Nairobi and learn so much in terms of ambition something which I could have never done with mere talk and advice.
Tororot has been very kind to me this year and I have achieved a lot. I have been humbled by these experiences. Soon, I will be going to the village to re-unite with my family, relatives and friends. I am very excited about the year 2013 because this year has been more about personal sacrifice. All that I have done will lay a strong foundation in what I will achieve next year. I must say that I have set very high targets for myself next year. They are those targets which will fundamentally alter the course of my life forever. The good thing about it is that I have already put things in place for it.
Fellow pilgrims, as we draw near to Christmas and Happy New Year, I want to thank you so much for the support you have offered me. Today, I want to say that you are very special in my life and that I am today what I am because of you. We are all inter-connected. Yes, “ubuntu” guides all of us, a la Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


The Unknowngnome said...

Looking forward to sharing the coming year with you Salem. May God forever bless you in your endeavors for Him. Congratulations once again on all that you have accomplished.

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