Monday, 26 November 2012

The Sun-duel

When I was a small child,

I used to stare at the sun

After some time, blinded by it,

I would see nothing and got worried


Many years now,

I don’t stare at the sun

Because I have been fashioned to believe

That they are not good for my eyes


My eyes could stare at the sun

Eye-ball to sun-ball, you might say

Not afraid of the illumination

And though tears formed, I was brave


I want to stare at the sun some more

Look at it again, unafraid of its rays

I want to be blinded by it again

I need light, I want to brow-beat the sun

I care not what the doc says

I want to challenge the sun.



The Unknowngnome said...

Congratulations Salem on your appointment as advocate of the High Court of Kenya! Eye-ball to sun-ball, I know you will stand the challenge come what may. And best wishes to your mum, brother and sister.

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